Knowing When to Check Your Ego

Cultivate a safe space — listen to others first

  • Aim to seek resolutions, not conflicts — Attack every problem by working backwards, and don’t view conflicts with a negative connotation. How can I leverage the opinions of everyone involved to create the best solution?
  • Give gratitude, not attitude — Recognize the good in others first. Make sure to praise people when they’ve done a good job. So often, we are quick to strike at others for their shortcomings, as if we don’t have any of our own. What would the world look like if we injected more positivity into it?
  • Be mindful of your word choice and tone — Along with the idea of showing gratitude, try turning common phrases into euphemisms. For example:
  • Hang your insecurities at the door — It’s so easy to put on a facade to mask our insecurities. It’s all too normal to filter our conversations to tailor the crowd we’re in. Eventually, people will be able to see right through it. So be yourself, be genuine, and let real relationships form.



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